Fancy Effing Stout AND Quandary Single Cask this weekend!!!

This weekend, we’ll be dropping two new barrel-aged beers!!! Availability differs on each, so listen up!

Fancy Effing Stout: The beer you’ve been practicing for. The bottle you crack when you want your friends to know you’re better than them. An imperial stout aged in Manhattan cocktail barrels, this is a necessary addition to any respectable cellar. Jet black and robust as hell, with decadent notes of dark malts, rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters.


Fancy Effing Stout will be available on tap and in bombers-to-go ($15 each, half-case limit) starting Saturday August 29th at 1pm in the taproom. A limited amount will hit Colorado shelves, but if you want to make sure you score this one-of-a-kind brew, don’t miss out Saturday.

Quandary Single Cask No. 1: Our second release this weekend marks the first in a new series of ultra-limited barrel-aged brews, each aged in a single premium wine or spirit barrel.


Our friends at Davidson’s Liquors received a single cask of Old Scout Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Smooth Ambler Spirits selected just for them. They graciously offered us the freshly emptied barrel, and the Quandary Single Cask series was born. When the beer finished its rest, the folks at Davidson’s came down to help us hand-bottle it.

For this first release in the QSC series, only 30 cases were bottled. Due to the extremely limited nature of the beer, bottles will only be sold at Davidson’s this Saturday starting at 1pm ($11.99 each, limit two). This will also coincide with a side-by-side tasting of not only QSC, but also the bourbon the barrel originally held, and classic Quandary. This will allow you to taste the evolution of the beer from start to finish, how each component compliments the others to create a unique and deeply complex brew.

The next day, Sunday the 30th, we’ll tap the few kegs of QSC1 at 1pm. Bottles will not be sold at the brewery, and this will be your only chance to it on draft. We’ll keep pouring QSC1 til it’s gone, but with only two kegs, it will be fleeting.

So to recap, two can’t-miss-must-quaff beers this weekend: Fancy Effing Stout bottles & draft in the taproom Saturday, Quandary Single Cask bottles at Davidson’s Saturday, then on tap here Sunday.

Don’t slack on these…if you do, you’ll regret it.



Grand Unified Theory release party Saturday 8/15!

When it comes to barrel-aging, we like to push the envelope, utilizing barrels and flavor combinations that, at first glance, may seem odd. But that’s how we roll.

Our latest endeavor is a prime example: Grand Unified Theory, our imperial witbier aged in Boulevardier cocktail barrels!


A Boulevardier cocktail is a mix of whiskey, vermouth and bitter liqueur. When we received these freshly emptied barrels, what really struck us were the citrus notes. They provide the perfect complement to the spicy esters inherent in Unified Theory.

We’ll kick of the Grand UT release party this Saturday, August 15th, at 1pm! We’ll have draft pours and bombers to go ($15, half-case limit). Our good friends from Roaming Bull Brasserie will join us in the festivities as well, so you know we’ll be eating good.

For this second batch of Grand UT, supply is a little limited….we only bottled 75 cases. Whatever we don’t drink this weekend will ship to stores following the release, but don’t expect it to last long. This brew can be enjoyed fresh or cellared for several years.

See you Saturday!



Quad XO Release Party this Saturday, August 1st!

Earlier this month, when scouring our soaring cellar of barrels for our next release, we uncovered a near-forgotten barrel project from early last year. After tasting it, we knew our efforts paid off.

The official release party for Quad XO kicks off Saturday, August 1st at 1pm in the taproom!

Xtra Old...

Xtra Old…

A traditional Abbey-style quadrupel aged 15 months in Chardonnay barrels, Quad XO dances on the tongue with an effervescent dryness. Since the crew tasted it, we haven’t stopped talking about this brew…it may be our most anticipated beer so far this year..

And given the time it took to make, it won’t be returning anytime soon. So make sure to stock up while you can. We bottled 135 cases, and will have bombers ($15 each, half-case limit) and draft at the release party. Even with the extensive barrel aging, Quad XO will still mature in the bottle for years to come.

Come see what we’re talking about on Saturday…this is some of our proudest work.

Whiskey J. Marie returns Saturday July 11th!

Take a peek through the taproom windows into the brewhouse next time you’re here. You’ll notice our collection of barrels has gotten a bit out of hand, nearly double the amount we had last summer.

We have a lot of projects in the works, some of which the world has never seen! But first, we gotta bring back the original, the beer that blew our minds all the way back in 2012 and set the tone for our barrel program.

Whiskey Barrel J. Marie returns in its sixth rendition Saturday, July 11th at 1pm!


J. Marie, in its unbarreled state, is ripe with delicate malt notes of apricot and pear. When we age it in whiskey barrels, it takes on a deep complexity, complementing the subtle sweetness of the malt with undertones of toasted coconut and vanilla. For this release, we used the same type of barrels as our first release, a local favorite.

We’ll be pouring drafts at the release party, and as usual, will have bombers for you to take home ($15, half-case limit). In total we bottled 135 cases, so you’ll see it – fleetingly – on store shelves in Colorado, Kansas, and the Missouri side of Kansas City in the weeks following the release. As always, we recommend you snag a couple extra bottles for your cellar. At 10.2% ABV, Whiskey J. Marie ages beautifully.

As we said, this is just the beginning. We have a veritable cornucopia of barrel-aged beers in the pipeline, both brand new flavor combinations and classics. Up next: “Quad XO” – one of our brewers’ most anticipated beers this year!

….stay tuned for details.




River North Tripel is back!!!

Last year we brewed a single batch of River North Tripel. We fell in love with that beer, so deeply complex yet refreshingly quaffable, but it was far too fleeting. So this year, we’re bringing it back in a big way!

The taproom release party for Tripel will start Saturday, June 13th at 1pm! We’ll have it on tap and in bombers-to-go ($9, limit 6). We’ll continue brewing Tripel throughout the warm months, quenching your thirst for a summer brew that delivers on flavor.


River North Tripel dances on the tongue with notes of apricot, pear and lemon. At 9.2% ABV, it finishes with that classic Abbey-style bite, but remains dry. While we’re no monks, we hope our zealous devotion to brewing this classic style brings you to revere it as we have.

We can attest to the fact that Tripel ages beautifully. Those of you who still hold bottles of the original batch, your covetous ways have proven wise.



Cabernet Barrel J. Marie – May 30th!!!

J. Marie was the third beer we ever brewed here. It’s been a staple on our taplist since we opened in 2012, and we’ve aged it in more barrels than we can count. It’s infinitely versatile, beautifully showcasing the character of whatever we put it into.

So on Saturday, May 30th, we give you an entirely new iteration of our imperial saison: Cabernet Barrel J. Marie!

Cab JM

Aged in freshly emptied Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from California, Cab JM dances on the palate with notes of black currant, fresh apricot and orange marmalade. It finishes dry with lingering oak tannins and a subtle malt backbone for balance.

We’ll kick off the May 30th release party at 1pm in the taproom. Draft pours and bombers-to-go ($15) will be available until 9:30pm. More bottles will head to shelves in Colorado and Kansas City following the release. Look for rare tappings at the finest pubs in Colorado in the coming weeks as well.

This is just the beginning of a busy few months for us. The barrel garden currently holds more aging beer than ever before – 102 filled barrels ranging from bourbon and chardonnay to Cognac and rye whiskey. We’ve got some fantastic projects in the works for you, both classic and new.

See you on the 30th!



Waywards, whenever!

Three years ago, we started a weekly “Wayward Wednesday” tapping that allowed us to experiment outside our Belgian brewing roots. Since then, Waywards gave us the opportunity to explore brewing traditions from across the world. We’ve discovered that, for whatever reason, people can’t get enough of berry-infused saisons and IPA’s brewed with citrus. And we’ve enjoyed seeing the friendly faces of our regulars every Wednesday.

Cause everyone loves a grapefruit Belgian DIPA...

Cause everyone loves a grapefruit Belgian DIPA…

Well, it’s time to shake things up. Rather than tapping just a single keg each week, we’ll now have Wayward tappings “on the fly,” pouring anywhere from one to three variants each week. These tappings will be announced the day the keg goes on, so stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. Often these beers will only be available the day they are tapped. Since we have grown fond of seeing our Locals every week, we’ll still have Wayward brews most Wednesdays. But now you can enjoy rare kegs from us any day of the week…you just gotta keep an eye out for when to come down! Basically, we have a lot of fun beers in the pipeline, so this is our chance to offer more Waywards! We’ll start tomorrow (May 20th) with a English-style ESB dry-hopped with Perle, followed shortly thereafter by any of the following…

  • Raspberry J. Marie
  • ESB-Style River North IPA
  • Pilot Belgian Black IPA
  • Pilot American Black IPA

…plus whatever else we feel like brewing! Get ready for an onslaught of new tasty brews to try…we hope you’re as excited to drink them as we are! Cheers, -RNB