Corundum Release Party Saturday of GABF!

Many of you who frequent our humble taproom have tried our tart red aged in red wine barrels. Turns out those couple kegs were just a teaser…

On Saturday, September 26th at noon, we’ll release Corundum, a tart Belgian-style red ale aged in cabernet wine barrels with tart cherries and hibiscus flowers! This release party is the culmination of our taproom GABF events, and both draft pours and bombers will be available.


Born of a visit to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Corundum was inspired by the brilliant gemstone that shares its name. Like its namesake, this beer shines with a radiant crimson hue. The first sip bursts with juicy sour cherry notes, then fades to pleasant, vinous oak.

Simply put, Corundum is a beer unlike any we’ve made before, which is why we saved it for release during GABF. As always, bombers will be $15 with a half-case limit. While some leftovers may hit Colorado shelves in October, this brew will likely become hard to find after the onslaught of festival crowds.

And like our other barrel-aged brews, you can enjoy Corundum fresh or age it for years to come.

Immediately after GABF, we’ll have another sour release for you…stay tuned for details about “Funk the Man,” a series of brett blends to coincide with our final days – and parties – at 2401 Blake…



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