Quad XO Release Party this Saturday, August 1st!

Earlier this month, when scouring our soaring cellar of barrels for our next release, we uncovered a near-forgotten barrel project from early last year. After tasting it, we knew our efforts paid off.

The official release party for Quad XO kicks off Saturday, August 1st at 1pm in the taproom!

Xtra Old...

Xtra Old…

A traditional Abbey-style quadrupel aged 15 months in Chardonnay barrels, Quad XO dances on the tongue with an effervescent dryness. Since the crew tasted it, we haven’t stopped talking about this brew…it may be our most anticipated beer so far this year..

And given the time it took to make, it won’t be returning anytime soon. So make sure to stock up while you can. We bottled 135 cases, and will have bombers ($15 each, half-case limit) and draft at the release party. Even with the extensive barrel aging, Quad XO will still mature in the bottle for years to come.

Come see what we’re talking about on Saturday…this is some of our proudest work.

Whiskey J. Marie returns Saturday July 11th!

Take a peek through the taproom windows into the brewhouse next time you’re here. You’ll notice our collection of barrels has gotten a bit out of hand, nearly double the amount we had last summer.

We have a lot of projects in the works, some of which the world has never seen! But first, we gotta bring back the original, the beer that blew our minds all the way back in 2012 and set the tone for our barrel program.

Whiskey Barrel J. Marie returns in its sixth rendition Saturday, July 11th at 1pm!


J. Marie, in its unbarreled state, is ripe with delicate malt notes of apricot and pear. When we age it in whiskey barrels, it takes on a deep complexity, complementing the subtle sweetness of the malt with undertones of toasted coconut and vanilla. For this release, we used the same type of barrels as our first release, a local favorite.

We’ll be pouring drafts at the release party, and as usual, will have bombers for you to take home ($15, half-case limit). In total we bottled 135 cases, so you’ll see it – fleetingly – on store shelves in Colorado, Kansas, and the Missouri side of Kansas City in the weeks following the release. As always, we recommend you snag a couple extra bottles for your cellar. At 10.2% ABV, Whiskey J. Marie ages beautifully.

As we said, this is just the beginning. We have a veritable cornucopia of barrel-aged beers in the pipeline, both brand new flavor combinations and classics. Up next: “Quad XO” – one of our brewers’ most anticipated beers this year!

….stay tuned for details.