Whiskey Barrel Quandary returns January 17th!

One beer was missing from our holiday releases last year. Sometimes, a barrel just needs some extra time. But now, we’re excited to announce that this juggernaut is ready…

The 2015 vintage of Whiskey Barrel Quandary drops Saturday, January 17th at 1pm in the taproom!


Big enough to keep you warm on top of the fourteener that bears its name, Whiskey Barrel Quandary is loaded with notes of ripe plum, rich specialty malts and whiskey kick. Aged in rye and bourbon barrels, this 100% barrel-aged blend finished at 12.7% ABV.

Both draft pours and bombers-to-go will be available at the release party. With 120 cases bottled, bombers will cost $15 with a half-case limit. More bombers will see store shelves in Colorado and Kansas City in the weeks following the release.

This is one of our favorite beers to cellar. We highly recommend you grab some extra bottles to sit on.

Whiskey Barrel Quandary is only the beginning of a busy 2015 for us. Look for Anniversary Ale #3 next month, and a new low-grav farmhouse ale in 16-ounce cans in March.

Cheers to a tasty year!


3 thoughts on “Whiskey Barrel Quandary returns January 17th!

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