J. Maria (Tequila Barrel Aged), September 27th!

You can tell a lot about an empty barrel’s potential by smelling it. And when we popped open a barrel and were blindsided by the most overwhelmingly complex and delicately spicy aroma of fine anejo tequila, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to refill it with some Colorado-brewed Belgian-style beer.

So this Saturday, September 27th at 1pm, we proudly bring you our next exotic barrel-aged release,  J. Maria (Tequila Barrel Aged)!


Rich notes of citrus, pepper and cinnamon balance the malt character of classic J. Marie. A little sweet, a little spicy, a little delicious. Finishing at 10.2% ABV, J. Maria stands on its own. No lime or salt necessary.

Both draft pours and bombers-to-go will be available at the release party. Bottles will cost $15 with a limit of three. More bottles will hit store shelves in Colorado and Kansas City in the weeks following the release.

Make sure you come down on Saturday before the GABF masses descend on our fair city!



3 thoughts on “J. Maria (Tequila Barrel Aged), September 27th!

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