Rum Quad Returns August 23rd!

Each year, as September approaches, we get ready to drop all the barrel-aged beers we’ve been letting rest through the summer. We’ve got some exotic new brews for you this fall, but first, we need to revisit an old favorite.

This Saturday, August 23rd, we’re bringing back Rum Barrel Quandary! For this year’s vintage, we switched up the barrels, but the result is just as tasty. The spicy kick from new world spirits complements Quandary’s malty sweetness perfectly. Even at 10.2% ABV, Rum Quad drinks smooth.


We’ll have it both on tap and in bottles on Saturday at 1pm. We’ll also pour a limited amount of last year’s vintage, so you can taste the difference the barrel – and a year of age – can make.

Bombers will cost $15 with a limit of three. If you’re a fan of Rum Quad, stock up; quality rum barrels are hard to find, so we can’t guarantee annual releases of this brew. We bottled 135 cases total of this batch.

Colorado stores will receive bottles next week. Rum Barrel Quandary will also be the first barrel-aged beer released in Kansas City during our September 16th kickoff week.

Other exotic barrel releases coming soon: tequila-aged J. Marie, Manhattan-aged Quad and Barrel Blonde. And of course, this year we’ll see the return of Whiskey Barrel J. Marie, Whiskey Barrel Quandary and Barrel Aged Avarice.

We hope you’re as excited as us!



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