Grand Unified Theory! Saturday, July 26th!

Around here, we’re always looking for new exotic flavors for our barrel-aged brews. And if you’ve spoke with any of our brewers in the last few months, you know we’ve been giddy about some cocktail barrels we recently scored.

Well now the first is ready. Saturday, July 26th at 1pm, we give you…

Grand Unified Theory, our imperial witbier aged in Boulevardier cocktail barrels!

Oh yes we did...

Oh yes we did…

Straight bourbon whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitter orange liqueur lend Grand Unified Theory a spicy citrus note that is the perfect complement to its robust wheat backbone. We promise you’ve never tasted anything like this before (we hadn’t!).

The first in a series of cocktail-barrel-aged releases, both drafts and bombers-to-go of Grand UT will be available at the July 26th release party. Bottles will cost $15 with a limit of three per person.

We also have two other cocktail-barrel-aged beers in the works. Big City Quad is an amped-up Quandary recipe aged in Manhattan barrels. And for those who remember the draft-only taproom beer Barrel Blonde, we’re working on a full bottle release of that too (aged in a blend of Manhattan, Boulevardier and whiskey barrels). Both of these will release in the next couple months.

It’s gonna be a tasty end to the summer!


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