Barrel Reserve 2014! Memorial Weekend!

We love Barrel Reserve. Not only does it let us flex our creative muscle, but it also opens up endless possibilities for barrel blending.

Last year we blended three whiskey-aged beers. This time around, we wanted to take it a different direction.


Barrel Reserve 2014 will debut Saturday, May 24th at 1pm! This year’s vintage is a blend of three ales aged in four types of barrels: Oloroso Sherry barrels from Spain, Chardonnay barrels from California, and Whiskey barrels from Colorado and Utah.

This blend gives Barrel Reserve 2014 a delicate and complex flavor, balancing the malt sweetness of our traditional Belgian brews with dry wine and sherry notes and finishing with a touch of oak.

We’ll have Barrel Reserve on tap and in bottles throughout Memorial Day Weekend. Bombers will run $15 each with a 4-bottle limit.

If that weren’t enough, we’ll also have a limited amount of last year’s Barrel Reserve on tap and in bottles to-go. Available starting at 1pm on the 24th, these will go fast, so if you want to try both vintages side-by-side get here early.

One final note: we’ll also extend our Sunday hours starting May 25th. During the summer, we’ll open at 1pm and close at 9pm every Sunday.



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