Introducing River North IPA! Debuts Saturday, April 26th!

After we canned the White, we all knew what we wanted next. Everyone loved BPR: the brewers, the Locals…everyone. And there’s nothing more Colorado than a pint of hops in a can.

And so, on Saturday April 26th at 1pm, we give you River North IPA!

Hand modeling by Kim.

Hand modeling by Kim.

Yes, we did change the name and tweak the recipe. While BPR was a fun little joke, the new moniker just works better for the shelf. And the new version will still have all the hoppy red Belgian goodness you’ve come to love. After all, BPR was Matt’s original Belgian IPA recipe.

To get the hops to your mouth as fresh as possible, we’ll can and keg IPA the day before the release party. We’ll sell four-packs of pint cans for $10 to go, and of course, keep it on draft throughout the party and beyond.

At 6.0% ABV and 55 IBU, IPA combines the pine and citrus notes of American hops with white pepper and clove yeast esters, putting our signature spin on a classic style. It’ll treat you well at the top of a fourteener or as your go-to après. We’re just as excited to take it on an adventure as you.

We’ll catch you a week from Saturday. Cheers to summer!


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