Introducing our first seasonal beer, Quad on Oak!

Back in the sweltering summer of 2012, we had an imperial witbier nearing the end of fermentation, and wanted to give it a little something extra to elevate it further.

After kicking around a couple ideas and kicking back a few beers, we decided to conduct an experiment: with oak.

That experiment, of course, would become Unified Theory, our beer with the strongest cult following.

Flash forward to today. We’ve been itching to brew a seasonal series for some time, and since oak complemented the Unified Theory so well, we wanted to see what else it could do.

On Saturday, March 1st at 1pm, we’ll debut Quad on Oak, the spring edition of our new seasonal lineup!


Adding oak to a new amped-up Quadrupel recipe helps to balance the inherent sweetness, adding dry notes of vanilla and coconut.

Bombers will cost $9 each with no limit. We’ll keep brewing and pouring Quad on Oak until late May, when we’ll introduce another seasonal brew.

Look for River North Tripel in summer, and River North Dubbel in fall…



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