B-Side Avarice drops Saturday, January 25th!

If you could age beer in any barrel, what would it be?

Over a few pints, Scott from Mr. B’s Wine and Spirits asked Matt that very question, and, based on a mutual love for High West whiskeys, the B-Side collaboration project was born.

The first beer in the series, B-Side Quandary, debuted in October, and people still rave about it. But the second needed more time.

Now, after exactly one year in the barrel, B-Side Avarice is ready!


Debuting Saturday, January 25th, B-Side Avarice was aged solely in rye whiskey barrels. Smooth oak and spicy rye whiskey notes meld with the robust dryness of Avarice. A slow sipper, this beer will blossom as it warms in your glass. Enjoy it fresh, or age for as long as you can stand.

On the 25th, we’ll release our bottles at 1pm in the taproom. Mr. B’s will have another release later that afternoon, so those who want more than the taproom limit can hit both. Just like B-Side Quandary, this beer will be limited and only available at those two locations. We bottled thirty cases total. Of course, it’ll stay on tap throughout that day, even once bottles sell out.

This was the second of the two beers conceived at the introduction of the B-Side project. But that doesn’t mean it’ll end. We look forward to working with our local bottle shop to bring you more great beers aged in only the finest of barrels!



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