J. Marie Barreled & Bretted release!

In early October, right before GABF, we took on a challenging new experiment: packaging our first bottle-conditioned beer. The whole crew formed an assembly line, hand-filling and capping hundreds of bottles.

It was tedious. It was time-consuming.

It was worth it.

Three months later, we are ready to release…

J. Marie Barreled & Bretted!

On Saturday, January 4th at 1pm, the JMB&B Release Party will help us kick off 2014 in style. This version of J. Marie was fermented with our usual farmhouse yeast, then aged in red wine barrels with Brettanomyces for a full year. Rustic yet elegant, this beer is a beautiful marriage of farmhouse esters, red wine finesse and Brett funk.

More than a year in the making...

More than a year in the making…

This will be one of our most limited beers to date; we have less than 30 cases for both taproom supply and distribution. During the release party, however, we’ll keep it flowing on tap. While delicious now, this beer will age nicely in the bottle, adding complexity as time passes.

Some of you may have tasted this beer already, either at the Empty the Cellar Party or last night’s Locals’ Party, so you know why we’re so excited about this one. We can’t stress enough how little we have, so if you want to guarantee you get a bottle, mark your calendars!

Happy New Year!


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