Barrel. Aged. Avarice!!!

Around here, the words “Barrel-Aged Avarice” hold a certain weight. Since we released the first and only batch last December, no other River North beer has been so revered. So it’s no wonder that we look forward to December all year. And now it’s almost here…

The second release of Barrel-Aged Avarice is set for Saturday, December 7th at 1pm!

We're as excited as you...

We’re as excited as you…

For this year’s vintage, we blended Avarice aged in of a number of different whiskey barrels, some of which were filled 14 months ago. We walked past these barrels every day, anxiously awaiting when they were ready to grace us with their contents.

Our patience paid off.

Rich, decadent and dark enough to suck the light out of a room, Barrel-Aged Avarice is perfect to warm your soul from the onset of the harsh Rocky Mountain winter. The robust dryness of the beer complements smooth oak and sweet whiskey notes from the barrels.

We bottles 105 cases total. As always, the lowest numbered bottles will be sold from the taproom starting at 1pm, and the beer will be on tap all day. While Barrel-Aged Avarice is delicious straight out of the barrels – a fact our brewers can attest to – it also ages exceptionally well in the bottle.

We hope you can join us December 7th to raise a glass of our pride and joy.



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