Whiskey Barrel Aged J. Marie is Back!

A long time ago, when we were still just a fledgling little brewery, we acquired our first two oak barrels, one formerly used for whiskey, and one for chardonnay. In the spirit of experimentation, we loaded both with J. Marie.

At the time, we thought (hypothesized?) the chardonnay barrel would provide the most natural complement to our signature farmhouse ale. And while that beer was mighty tasty, the whiskey J. Marie blew us away with its flavors of tropical fruit and toasted coconut, instantly earning a place in our hearts as a house favorite.

And now it’s back!


This year’s batch of Whiskey Barrel Aged J. Marie will debut on Saturday, November 16th at 1pm in the taproom. For this version, we blended J. Marie aged in separate rye and bourbon whiskey barrels. The resulting brew has notes of toasted oak, coconut and fruity esters, finishing with a spicy bite from the rye barrels.

Ninety-one cases were bottled, but we expect our taproom allotment to sell out quickly. While whiskey J. Marie is delicious fresh out the barrel and will be on tap all day, it also ages nicely. More bottles will hit stores the following week.

If you’re one of the many regulars who have been clamoring for another release of this brew, mark your calendars. If you never tried J. Marie aged in whiskey, come see why we love it so much.



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