New Locals’ Club Details!



When we started the Locals’ Club last summer, it was simply a fun way to show our appreciation toward the people we see regularly in the taproom.

But over the last year, our Locals became our friends, sharing the experience of a first-year brewery and catching up each week over a glass of Wayward Wednesday brew.

As our base of regulars grew, the newcomers wanted in on the action.

So for this year, we are doubling the number of Locals’ Club Memberships, from 50 to 100. The first 50 spots will be reserved for existing members who wish to renew (check your email, Locals!). After all, these folks have supported us from Day One and we consider them part of the River North family.

The remaining spots will go on sale Sunday, July 28th at 1pm. Base memberships will cost $50 and include:

  •           One free draft at time of purchase
  •           $1 off each and every beer you drink in the taproom until next summer
  •           Usage of exclusive Locals’ Club glassware in taproom
  •           Exclusive Locals’ Club glass to take home
  •           Locals-only holiday party
  •           Uber-official membership card
  •           Hanging with all the cool kids

This year we’re also adding an optional merchandise add-on. For $30 extra you can get a River North jacket with the Locals’ script…if you’ve seen our brewers’ gear, something like that.

Note: This will likely be the last year we increase memberships, so if you’ve been wanting in, now is the time. Future spots will only be available when current members choose not to renew.

Thanks to everyone, member or not, for their continued support. We couldn’t keep brewing the beer we love without you to drink it!



The Next Step

It was a weekly ritual for us.

Every Thursday morning, we’d load up the company workhorse (don’t call it a minivan!) and hit the road, delivering cases and kegs all around Denver and Boulder. We’d say hello to our retailers, all of whom we knew by name. We’d even pick up a bottle or two from other breweries to take home. Strictly for market research purposes, of course.

We once fit five wine barrels in that beast...those were the days.

We once fit five wine barrels in that beast…those were the days.

Self-distribution taught us a lot about Colorado and its unmatched beer culture; it’s a necessary and valuable step for any new brewery.

But the time has come to expand. There are countless Colorado craft beer fans whose thirsts have yet to be quenched and palates yet to be tingled by our Belgian-style brews.

And so we’re proud to announce that we have partnered up with C.R. Goodman to distribute our beers around the great state of Colorado!

Why C.R. Goodman? In a word: beer. All they do is premium craft and import brews. Seriously, these guys are dedicated. They’re down for the cause. And we like that.

Starting this month, our beers will hit shelves and tap handles up and down the Front Range. That means all you fans in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins will finally get your fill of Hoppenberg Belgian Double IPA, J. Marie Saison, and our other staples. We’ll also move into as much of the rest of the state as soon we pump out some more beer.

So while we will miss the minivan…uhh, we mean workhorse…and seeing all those familiar faces each week, we’re excited to start the next phase of River North Brewery.

Most of all, we’re happy that you, our customers, will have greater options when choosing your beverage. If we happen to brew that beverage, then all the better.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Cheers to Colorado, and Cheers to real beer!