Post-GABF plans: A day off and yet another special (funky!) release

Wow what a week.

First of all, we’d like to thank all those who came down the taproom or stopped by our GABF booth. It was a crazy, hectic time, but we survived and met a lot of new people while catching up with some old friends.

The RNB crew hustled all week, and to reward their hard work, we will be closed all day tomorrow, Monday October 15, for a staff dinner. We will resume normal hours Tuesday. We apologize for any inconvenience.

However, just because GABF is over doesn’t mean we’re cutting back on new tasty brews for you. This week’s Wayward Wednesday release will be a first for us…

On Wednesday at 3pm, we will tap our brand-new Brett Table Beer. This relatively low-alcohol, pale wheat brew harkens back to the days of provision beers. It was primarily fermented with Belgian ale yeast and a hint a brettanomyces, giving it that funk you’ve come to love from Brett beers.

Regardless of medal count, we will never stop rolling out new experimental concoctions that bring new tastes to your palate and bend traditional definitions of style.

As always, Cheers!


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