We have a winner (or two)!

First off, thanks to everyone who voted in our #RNfermenter Twitter contest. We received some great suggestions and had a lot of fun debating the submissions. This was our first Twitter contest, but certainly not the last. We like to create a sense of community and give you some say in your favorite neighborhood brewery.

In a surprise twist of events, we’ve decided to dedicate not one, but two fermenters to fan names.

For the first few days of the contest, there was a clear leader. “Think Tank,” by @DVLPro will adorn a River North tank, earning our honorable mention. It’s clean, simple and effective.

But when this next name came along, we were blown away.

Without further ado, the winner is…

“The Hansen-Pasteur Cultural Events Center” by @J_Burgernaut!

It combines everything we love…science…history…and clever word play.

However, since we focus on brewing ales, we lean more toward Pasteur than Hansen, so…

The official name on the tank will be “The Louis Pasteur Cultural Events Center.” Hope you don’t mind the tweak. If you do, well…tough.

The informal black-tie naming ceremony will go down at a to-be-determined date. Both of the winners are encouraged to stop by the taproom soon so we can arrange everything.

For the rest of you, thanks again for playing, and better luck next time!

RNB out!

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