There comes a time in every brewery’s growth, or any business for that matter, when you reach a milestone, an event that let’s you know you’ve finally made it.

For us, that time was Monday…

We received our first cease and desist letter!!! That means we almost made it six whole months! We’re so flattered!

Apparently, in February of this year, a small winery in California released a wine called “Hypothesis,” only a month before our Double IPA of the same name debuted.

And while it would be an interesting legal challenge to argue that, in this day and age of the increasingly sophisticated beverage consumer, no craft beer aficionado or wine connoisseur would confuse our two products, we simply have too much on our plate…after all, GABF is less than two months away, and we intend to do our first one right.

So, after careful consideration, as of today, we’re renaming Hypothesis. Introducing…

Hoppenberg Uncertainty Principle!

(hold for applause)

This takes our somewhat-scientific theme to a new level, and we hope you’ll get a kick out of it. If you get the reference, congrats…your physics professor would be proud.

And if you were wise enough to save a bottle with the original name, you now own a piece of history.

At any rate, we hope you continue to enjoy our marriage of Belgian yeast and high-alpha American hops, regardless of moniker.



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