We have a winner (or two)!

First off, thanks to everyone who voted in our #RNfermenter Twitter contest. We received some great suggestions and had a lot of fun debating the submissions. This was our first Twitter contest, but certainly not the last. We like to create a sense of community and give you some say in your favorite neighborhood brewery.

In a surprise twist of events, we’ve decided to dedicate not one, but two fermenters to fan names.

For the first few days of the contest, there was a clear leader. “Think Tank,” by @DVLPro will adorn a River North tank, earning our honorable mention. It’s clean, simple and effective.

But when this next name came along, we were blown away.

Without further ado, the winner is…

“The Hansen-Pasteur Cultural Events Center” by @J_Burgernaut!

It combines everything we love…science…history…and clever word play.

However, since we focus on brewing ales, we lean more toward Pasteur than Hansen, so…

The official name on the tank will be “The Louis Pasteur Cultural Events Center.” Hope you don’t mind the tweak. If you do, well…tough.

The informal black-tie naming ceremony will go down at a to-be-determined date. Both of the winners are encouraged to stop by the taproom soon so we can arrange everything.

For the rest of you, thanks again for playing, and better luck next time!

RNB out!

Win Naming Rights to a River North Fermenter!

Ever wanted your legacy preserved in the annals of brewing lore? Well here’s your chance!

River North will hold a Twitter contest, starting now and running through this Sunday, August 26. The winner will earn exclusive naming rights to a River North fermenter! Your winning suggestion will adorn the tank at a informal, black-tie naming ceremony, and there it will stay for all to bask in its awesome glory.

Your winning name goes here.

Here’s how it works:

Submit your name suggestion via Twitter ONLY. Not on Twitter? You should be. It’s the best way to get up-to-the-second info on all your favorite subjects (including beer!).

Follow us ( @rivernorthbrew ).

Tweet at us with your suggestion, and also include the hashtag #RNfermenter

Repeat as desired.

The River North Crew will pick their favorite and announce the winner by Wednesday, August 29. We will retain sole judging rights, so keep in mind our style in previous names (i.e., beer releases).

Good luck! (you’re gonna need it)



There comes a time in every brewery’s growth, or any business for that matter, when you reach a milestone, an event that let’s you know you’ve finally made it.

For us, that time was Monday…

We received our first cease and desist letter!!! That means we almost made it six whole months! We’re so flattered!

Apparently, in February of this year, a small winery in California released a wine called “Hypothesis,” only a month before our Double IPA of the same name debuted.

And while it would be an interesting legal challenge to argue that, in this day and age of the increasingly sophisticated beverage consumer, no craft beer aficionado or wine connoisseur would confuse our two products, we simply have too much on our plate…after all, GABF is less than two months away, and we intend to do our first one right.

So, after careful consideration, as of today, we’re renaming Hypothesis. Introducing…

Hoppenberg Uncertainty Principle!

(hold for applause)

This takes our somewhat-scientific theme to a new level, and we hope you’ll get a kick out of it. If you get the reference, congrats…your physics professor would be proud.

And if you were wise enough to save a bottle with the original name, you now own a piece of history.

At any rate, we hope you continue to enjoy our marriage of Belgian yeast and high-alpha American hops, regardless of moniker.



These Times They Are A’Changin…

After a whirlwind six months (has it been that long already?), we’re finally settling into a good rhythm. Our taproom draft lines are full, the first barrel-aged brews are on the shelves and going fast, and we’re all set for GABF.

But that doesn’t mean we’re getting complacent. In the next few weeks, we’ll be making some changes to better quench your thirst for unique craft beer.

First, we are tweaking our weekly Wednesday special release, formerly known as Barrel-Aged Wednesday…

Introducing Wayward Wednesdays! In addition to our barrel-aged releases, we will now occasionally offer experimental variations of existing River North beers. This will allow us to offer a greater variety of rare tappings, and allow you the chance to taste how subtle variations in the brewing process affect beers made with the same recipe.

For our first Wayward Wednesday, this week on August 8th, we will tap what we are calling “Modified Theory.” Based on our Unified Theory recipe, we fermented the wort with Bavarian Weizen yeast (not a Belgian strain, hence the term “wayward”) and will dry-hop it in the keg with Apollo hops. So think of it as a Keg-Hopped Imperial Hefewiess…or something.

Also, while we will continue to bottle most of our barrel-aged releases, Wayward experiments will all be one-time, small-batch releases, typically about 5 gallons. Hence, they will only be available on the Wednesday they are released, on draft in the taproom only.

And second, starting Monday, August 20th, the River North taproom will be open 7 days a week!

Our new hours will be:

  • Monday – Thursday: 3pm – 9pm.
  • Friday: 3pm – 10pm.
  • Saturday: 1pm – 10pm.
  • Sunday 1pm – 7pm.

With the new hours, we will also expand happy hour, offering $4 pints Monday through Friday from 3pm – 6pm.

You. Are. Welcome. (Seriously, Thanks. We couldn’t do it without you.)