Kick Ass Barstools.

Man, these barstools are sweet! Our friend Spencer Clark of Firewood Studios designed and built them for us. We’re pretty sure they’ll be the defining barstool design of the 21st century — only history will tell (but we’re pretty sure).

Damn, those are some awesome barstools!

The stools are made from about 75% reclaimed materials, including reclaimed douglas fir beams and oak remnants from a cabinet shop.

Check out the wicked chair back made from reclaimed old-growth douglas fir with about 100 years of use still showing!

Spencer should have his website up very soon, so stay tuned for more info!

2 thoughts on “Kick Ass Barstools.

  1. We are Spencer’s parents and would love to sit a spell next time we are in Denver and have a pint or two. I helped a little on the shaping the strap metal for backrests. I thought his prototypes and final designs were very cool. Great use of reclaimed material and being able to have stool components broken down for easy shipment.

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