Look for the sign!

The banners are up!

River North Brewery front banner

Corner view of both banners.

Everything is coming together!

Things are moving along quickly now! We finally have signs announcing us to the world (or at least to the neighborhood). Ingredients have been ordered for the first batch of beer, and the first brew day is scheduled for next Tuesday! On your mark…get set…GO!

One thought on “Look for the sign!

  1. Hey Matt!
    I GOTTA TELL YA….your black IPA is outrageously good. Your dad shared some of his private stock with John Krehbiel and me a while back, and he said the other day that it will be one of your “opening” offerings. You may not remember us too well from your McPherson days, but my wife Michelle and your mom share the same birthdate. (Or in better perspective, we’re Meghan and Matt Cotton’s parents!) Anyway, we are heading to Colorado Springs in Feb to visit the Chapman’s (who also have roots in Mac) and would love to come up and sample your brews and celebrate your new venture! If you have a time frame for even “soft opening” or “friends & family”
    while we’re out there Feb 17-20, let me know. Thanks, and CHEERS!

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