The Time Has Come!

We are very proud to announce (finally) our GRAND OPENING! It will be the weekend of February 18 and 19. We are planning to have 4 beers on tap, just begging to be sampled. (There is the possibility that a 5th beer may also be ready by that time.) Our hours of operation will be:

Thurs: 3-9pm, Fri: 3-10pm, Sat: 3-10pm, Sun: 3-9pm

These hours may change as we move into spring and summer and as volume of business changes. We look forward to seeing everyone that weekend and sharing our beer with you!

First Brew Day!

Milling grain

The wort for our first batch...the Black IPA.

Manning the mash.

Many thanks to our dedicated helpers. *Will not pictured

Getting the grain into the tank is much easier than getting it out! *There's Will!

Well our first brew day went relatively smoothly for a 14 hour work day! Today’s batch was a Black IPA. Tomorrow we’ll brew a Saison. Then maybe take a quick breath on Thursday before we start again. Thanks again to all those who helped brew today and who helped make this possible.

Look for the sign!

The banners are up!

River North Brewery front banner

Corner view of both banners.

Everything is coming together!

Things are moving along quickly now! We finally have signs announcing us to the world (or at least to the neighborhood). Ingredients have been ordered for the first batch of beer, and the first brew day is scheduled for next Tuesday! On your mark…get set…GO!

The Taproom is Almost Finished

River North Brewery Taproom

Look at that beautiful bartop! Thanks for the help, Gordon!

River North Brewery Taproom2

The bar in all its glory! Doesn't it look great?!

The taproom is nearly finished! Tables and chairs are being made and should be ready for installation in a couple weeks. First brew day is tentatively scheduled for next week. Whew, it’s been a long ride, but a glimmer of light is starting to show at the end of this tunnel!