Construction Update: I Can Taste the Beer Already!

Freshly poured concrete taproom floor. Still has that new car ... er ... concrete smell!

Framing the taproom walls.

Taproom walls almost complete. Check out those windows for viewing the brewery operations.

Test batch of imperial stout

Beautiful view of a swirling test batch of imperial stout starting to boil.

And now for an artistic shot of the fermentors taken by Jess.

Stay tuned for more updates. We’re still crossing our fingers for our first full brew day in late December.

This is Happening.

Taproom Construction Begins!

Pouring the concrete taproom retaining wall so we can raise the taproom floor up to street level. It will be awesome, trust me.

A modest proposal: The taproom floorplan.

We’re one week into construction! Things are moving fast. Let’s hope we can stay on track for our first brew day in late December!

The Brewhouse is Here!

River North Brewery Brewhouse Arrival

Ain't she a thing of beauty! The River North Brewery brewhouse has arrived in Denver! Clockwise from top left: Eric, Kyle, Grant, Matt, and Bryan.

The brewhouse is here! If things go according to plan, the first batch will be brewed sometime in mid-to-late December.

Special thanks to Bryan, Eric, Grant, and Kyle who stopped by Saturday morning to help unload everything. River North is forever in your debt!