Interview with the TTB

River North Brewery Application to TTB

Our Brewer's Notice (and about 20 other documents) were sent in back in August. At over 100 pages, it was both a beautiful and horrifying sight!

We had our interview with the TTB this week. I think it went well, all in all. We had to make a few updates to our premises diagram but nothing too drastic. The interview was friendly and fairly benign — mostly questions about whether we are aware we need to comply with various regulations and keep proper records. My advice is that as long as you don’t answer any questions with “What!? We have to pay taxes on our beer!?” you’ll be just fine!

Hess Brewing in San Diego was kind enough to write down all the interview questions when they went though the process two years ago, so that took some of the pressure off us (Link to TTB Interview Questions). Thanks for doing that, guys!

Fermenters Are Here!

Our equipment is already starting to trickle in! We got our first shipment of fermenters a week and a half ago. Hopefully the brewhouse will be arriving near the end of the month. Meanwhile, the last week has been spent capping old glycol lines and putting up the walk-in cooler!

The constuction permit for the taproom is still hung up with the city, but hopefully it will be ironed out in the next week or so. Cross your fingers!

I’d also like to thank Eric, Grant, Anthony, and Jess for all your help the last couple weeks! River North Brewery will be forever in your debt.

Unloading the first 15 bbl fermenter

Eric TCB'ing on the forklift. (Taking Care of Business)

Success! All the tanks are unloaded!

Setting up the 30 barrel!


Putting the cooler together

Grant is psyched about the cooler!


Up in the rafters. Yikes!