Funk the Man: A Farewell to 2401 Blake Street

On October 24th, we’ll officially say goodbye to 2401 Blake St – our first home – recently sentenced to death by bulldozer.

But in the meantime, we intend to party.

To commemorate the demise of our original location, we’ll celebrate with “Funk the Man,” three weeks of farewell shindigs paying tribute to insatiable redevelopment, growth for the sake of growth and cash over community.


Funk the Man is more than just an ideal. It’s also a beer. A series of bretted saisons from our barrel archives, in fact.

Funk the Man #1, aged in cabernet barrels, drops October 10th. Funk the Man #2, which features hibiscus, continues the party on October 17th. Funk the Man #3, with black currant, will serve as the capstone to our final brewhouse party October 23rd and 24th. The entire FTM series will be available on tap and in 375ml bottles on their respective release dates.

As the countdown clock dwindles, we’ll clear out the back, moving equipment and making room for even larger celebrations. In addition to Funk the Man, we still have a slew of barrel-aged kegs from the past year, and while we could move everything, we prefer to drink it with you!

All cheekiness aside, in the 3-plus years we’ve spent here, we’ve shared countless pints, forged immeasurable friendships, and have infinitely fond memories of 24th and Blake.

When the bulldozers come, we’ll shed a tear. But for now, let’s raise a glass.

Join us now, and in a couple months for our reincarnation at 6021 Washington Street.

The most sincere of Cheers,


Corundum Release Party Saturday of GABF!

Many of you who frequent our humble taproom have tried our tart red aged in red wine barrels. Turns out those couple kegs were just a teaser…

On Saturday, September 26th at noon, we’ll release Corundum, a tart Belgian-style red ale aged in cabernet wine barrels with tart cherries and hibiscus flowers! This release party is the culmination of our taproom GABF events, and both draft pours and bombers will be available.


Born of a visit to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Corundum was inspired by the brilliant gemstone that shares its name. Like its namesake, this beer shines with a radiant crimson hue. The first sip bursts with juicy sour cherry notes, then fades to pleasant, vinous oak.

Simply put, Corundum is a beer unlike any we’ve made before, which is why we saved it for release during GABF. As always, bombers will be $15 with a half-case limit. While some leftovers may hit Colorado shelves in October, this brew will likely become hard to find after the onslaught of festival crowds.

And like our other barrel-aged brews, you can enjoy Corundum fresh or age it for years to come.

Immediately after GABF, we’ll have another sour release for you…stay tuned for details about “Funk the Man,” a series of brett blends to coincide with our final days – and parties – at 2401 Blake…



GABF 2015!!!

For our final Great American Beer Festival at 24th and Blake, we’re going all out! Below you’ll find a quick rundown of our events for later this month…scroll down further for more details. In addition to these events, we’ll have special tappings, food trucks and extended hours all week in the taproom.

Monday, 9/21, 5pm: Falling Rock Kickoff

Wednesday, 9/23, 3pm, our place: Barrel-Aged Avarice Vertical Tapping

Thursday, 9/24, Noon, our place: Quad Five Ways

Friday, 9/25, Noon, our place: Cellar Bottle Sale

Friday, 9/25, 1pm: Denver Rare Beer Tasting

Saturday, 9/26, Noon, our place: Corundum Release Party

Sunday, 9/27, 10am: Brazen Beer Brunch

 full details…

Monday, 5pm: Falling Rock Kickoff

When the countdown clocks hits zero, we’ll wrap up the brewday and make the 4-block stroll south to Falling Rock. Their annual kickoff is always a good time mingling with fellow brewers. Falling Rock always has something barrel-aged of ours, stashed away, and this year the kickoff will include a couple of our wine-aged brews…

Wednesday, 3pm: Barrel-Aged Avarice Vertical

We’ll officially start the week in the taproom with a side-by-side tapping of our most-revered and highest-rated beer, Barrel Aged Avarice! Both 2013 and 2014 vintages will be on tap together starting when we open at 3pm. The 2013 keg is the last in the building, so this is your only chance to get it on draft!

Thursday, Noon: Quad Five Ways tapping

You know how much we love our barrel-aged Quads! We’ll open early at noon on Thursday, with five distinct and delicious varieties: classic Quandary, Whiskey Barrel Quandary 2013, Whiskey Barrel Quandary 2015, Big City Quad and Quad XO! All kegs tap when the doors open at noon, and we’ll keep some low-grav brews on as well. As always, all draft beer will be available in taster sizes.

Friday, Noon: Cellar Bottle Sale               

A GABF tradition, on Friday we’ll dig into the bottle cellar and offer rare brews from throughout our history. All bottles will be available a-la-carte, to drink here or take home. Look for an official list closer to GABF week, but multiple vintages of Anniversary Ale and Whiskey J. Marie will be included, as well as such rarities as Barrel Aged Avarice, Barrel Reserve 2014 and Oud Bruin. All bottles will be first-come, first-served, starting when we open at noon.

Friday, 1pm: Denver Rare Beer Tasting

One of our favorite events of GABF week, we’ll join brewers from around the country for our third appearance at the sold-out Denver Rare Beer Tasting. For those attending, make sure to come taste some Anniversary Ale #3, and drink some truly special brews while benefitting Pints for Prostates!

Saturday, Noon: Corundum Release Party!

The premiere taproom event of the week, join us as we release Corundum, a tart Belgian-style red aged in red wine barrels with cherries. Corundum will be available on tap and in bombers-to-go. Look for a full announcement in the coming weeks.

Sunday, 10am: Finale Beer Brunch @ Brazen

We’ve teamed up with the culinary wizards at Brazen for a decadent brunch to finish the week. Three courses (plus a finishing bite), each paired with a beer chosen by the chefs, including the last keg of Whiskey J. Marie to leave the brewery. Menu and ticket link below!


Tickets are only $30, but seats are limited…snag a couple just by clicking here!

Hard to believe GABF is only two weeks away. We’re only a mile from the convention center, so make the walk and come see us!



Big City Quad returns Saturday!

When we released the original vintage of Big City Quad last year, it was our first foray into cocktail-barrel-aging, and it opened our eyes to the possibilities of ever more complex flavor profiles. That first batch of BCQ was aged solely in Manhattan barrels, but when we decided to recreate it, we wanted to take it to the next level.

2015 Big City Quad, a blend of quadrupel aged in Manhattan and Boulevardier cocktail barrels, releases this Saturday, September 12th at 1pm!

FullSizeRender (1)

For those not familiar with our previous releases in this series, a cocktail barrel is essentially all the components of a Manhattan, Boulevardier or other cocktail, aged in an oak barrel. When we received these freshly emptied barrels, we split a batch of quad to age separately in each variety. After 8 months, we blended the two parts back together.

In addition to whiskey notes, vermouth and bitters still present in the barrels lend an aromatic finish to balance the decadent malt notes inherent in our quads.

We’ll have Big City Quad on tap and in bottles this Saturday when doors open at 1pm. Bombers will cost $15 each with a half-case limit. More bottles will hit store shelves in Colorado following the release. While Big City Quad is delicious right now, we recommend you cellar some bombers for years to come. If last year’s is any indication, this will age beautifully.

After Saturday, we’ll start gearing up for GABF…look for a full schedule of special tappings, capped off by a killer beer brunch at one of our favorite restaurants…TBA soon!



The Saga of 2401 Blake…

Earlier this year, we received some news. We had six months to vacate. Get out and make way for luxury apartments.

Watching this neighborhood grow up the past few years has been truly remarkable. RiNo has become a national destination, both for beer and small business as a whole, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.

But man, did that growth make finding a new space hard.

We soon came to realize that – largely due to rapid redevelopment and skyrocketing real estate prices – we’d have to look outside RiNo if we were going to be able to grow and prosper. At this point, we still had time to also open a new taproom in the neighborhood. So the search for one spot became two.

But then our first option fell through. And the second. And the third, each costing precious weeks.

As the countdown clock ticked, we had to make a choice. We needed to get production locked down, to keep brewing beer for the fans and retailers that have supported us over the years.

Last week, we signed on a new space at 6021 Washington St – Unit A, for you sticklers out there – roughly one and eight tenths of a mile north of RiNo. Twice the size of our first home, it will serve as our production brewery. Once it’s up and running, we can refocus our efforts to return to RiNo with a destination taproom.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t come have a beer with us! 6021 Wash will have a spartan taproom where you can enjoy both our staple beers and specialty barrel-aged brews.

We expect to have the new spot fully open by the end of the year. In the meantime, we will continue to operate the taproom at 2401 Blake until late October, releasing more specialty beers than ever before and brewing our asses off before the move. The next two months will be rife with barrel releases and brewhouse parties, culminating in “Funk the Man,” a series of sour and bretted blends to coincide with our grand farewell to 2401 Blake.

The outreach and support we’ve received throughout this process has been incredible, not only from family and friends, but from the brewing community as a whole. We can’t express enough thanks.

As many of you are well aware, we’ve outgrown our current spot, both in terms of taproom and brewing operations. With its rich history of housing breweries, it will be a sad day when they knock down 2401 Blake. But it’s only the end of one chapter, and the beginning of a new journey.

We hope you’ll share in it with us, as we’ve enjoyed your company the past three and a half years. Those pints won’t be the last we raise together.


Matt, Jess, Patrick and the rest of the crew at RNB.


Fancy Effing Stout AND Quandary Single Cask this weekend!!!

This weekend, we’ll be dropping two new barrel-aged beers!!! Availability differs on each, so listen up!

Fancy Effing Stout: The beer you’ve been practicing for. The bottle you crack when you want your friends to know you’re better than them. An imperial stout aged in Manhattan cocktail barrels, this is a necessary addition to any respectable cellar. Jet black and robust as hell, with decadent notes of dark malts, rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters.


Fancy Effing Stout will be available on tap and in bombers-to-go ($15 each, half-case limit) starting Saturday August 29th at 1pm in the taproom. A limited amount will hit Colorado shelves, but if you want to make sure you score this one-of-a-kind brew, don’t miss out Saturday.

Quandary Single Cask No. 1: Our second release this weekend marks the first in a new series of ultra-limited barrel-aged brews, each aged in a single premium wine or spirit barrel.


Our friends at Davidson’s Liquors received a single cask of Old Scout Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Smooth Ambler Spirits selected just for them. They graciously offered us the freshly emptied barrel, and the Quandary Single Cask series was born. When the beer finished its rest, the folks at Davidson’s came down to help us hand-bottle it.

For this first release in the QSC series, only 30 cases were bottled. Due to the extremely limited nature of the beer, bottles will only be sold at Davidson’s this Saturday starting at 1pm ($11.99 each, limit two). This will also coincide with a side-by-side tasting of not only QSC, but also the bourbon the barrel originally held, and classic Quandary. This will allow you to taste the evolution of the beer from start to finish, how each component compliments the others to create a unique and deeply complex brew.

The next day, Sunday the 30th, we’ll tap the few kegs of QSC1 at 1pm. Bottles will not be sold at the brewery, and this will be your only chance to it on draft. We’ll keep pouring QSC1 til it’s gone, but with only two kegs, it will be fleeting.

So to recap, two can’t-miss-must-quaff beers this weekend: Fancy Effing Stout bottles & draft in the taproom Saturday, Quandary Single Cask bottles at Davidson’s Saturday, then on tap here Sunday.

Don’t slack on these…if you do, you’ll regret it.



Grand Unified Theory release party Saturday 8/15!

When it comes to barrel-aging, we like to push the envelope, utilizing barrels and flavor combinations that, at first glance, may seem odd. But that’s how we roll.

Our latest endeavor is a prime example: Grand Unified Theory, our imperial witbier aged in Boulevardier cocktail barrels!


A Boulevardier cocktail is a mix of whiskey, vermouth and bitter liqueur. When we received these freshly emptied barrels, what really struck us were the citrus notes. They provide the perfect complement to the spicy esters inherent in Unified Theory.

We’ll kick of the Grand UT release party this Saturday, August 15th, at 1pm! We’ll have draft pours and bombers to go ($15, half-case limit). Our good friends from Roaming Bull Brasserie will join us in the festivities as well, so you know we’ll be eating good.

For this second batch of Grand UT, supply is a little limited….we only bottled 75 cases. Whatever we don’t drink this weekend will ship to stores following the release, but don’t expect it to last long. This brew can be enjoyed fresh or cellared for several years.

See you Saturday!